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Many successful trial lawyers rely on testimony provided by an expert witness to improve the strength of their case or clarify the complicated technical details for a judge and jury. Unfortunately, by the time an expert witness is called in, many cases may have already floundered because there was no legal merit to pursue a lawsuit in the first place or the lawyer started off in the wrong direction.

Early and Often, Get Expert Advice From an Experienced Litigation Consultant

Before taking on a litigation matter, it is important to know how a judge is likely to rule on critical matters during discovery and other pretrial hearings. In many cases, the right pretrial consultant and advisor can even help determine whether the case has justification for moving forward at all.

Elected President of the Beverly Hills Bar Association, 2011

Attorney Lawrence Jacobson, of Beverly Hills, California, is regarded as one of the leading Southern California litigation and arbitration consultants and advisors in all matters related to real estate law and legal malpractice. He has been called on as an expert witness and litigation consultant in a full range of real estate litigation matters across the nation, including:

  • Residential and commercial real estate agency litigation and arbitration
  • Mortgage and business brokerage litigation and disputes
  • Real estate agent malpractice and breach of fiduciary duties
  • Real estate transaction law and contracts
  • Foreclosure litigation

Integrity and Professional Credentials for Real Estate and Legal Malpractice Litigation

Mr. Jacobson is recognized as a leading California litigation consultant and advisor. For more than 40 years, he has practiced law in all areas of real estate transactions and litigation and business law.

Because he is recognized for his integrity and commitment to holding legal professionals to the highest ethical and professional standards, he was elected as president of the Beverly Hills Bar Association for 2011. In addition to real estate and commercial litigation matters, he applies his experience and recognized integrity to advise and consult attorneys involved in legal malpractice litigation, as well.

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