Expert Witness for Real Estate Agent Malpractice

California Real Estate Malpractice Expert Testimony

Litigation and arbitration involving real estate agent malpractice require a clear presentation of facts demonstrating in-depth knowledge of licensing requirements, legal requirements and ethical considerations. If you are an attorney representing a plaintiff or a defendant in a real estate agent malpractice litigation or arbitration matter, will your strategies and evidence be ready for the close scrutiny of a judge and jury?

Expert Witness for Real Estate Agent Malpractice

Attorney Lawrence H. Jacobson, of Beverly Hills, California, is recognized as one of Southern California’s pre-eminent real estate law attorneys and expert witnesses. Mr. Jacobson has a 20-year record of providing expert testimony and acting as pretrial strategy advisor on many of the most significant real estate agent litigation and arbitration matters in the Los Angeles region. He is frequently hired to provide testimony and consultation on real estate litigation matters throughout the United States.

Consultation and Expert Testimony Only in Areas of Active Law Practice

Mr. Jacobson maintains an active real estate law practice and takes a leadership role in the latest developments in the evolving realm of real estate licensure laws governing real estate litigation and brokerage practices. He has the experience and knowledge to provide testimony and strategic consultation on all matters related to residential and commercial real estate agent practices and expectations. He offers a special level of expertise on matters related to transaction documents, forms and duties to perform.

Mr. Jacobson provides expert witness and litigation strategy consultation for attorneys involved in real estate agent malpractice matters such as:

Disclosure issues.

  • Health or safety concerns
  • Structural or system defects
  • Repairs of prior defects
  • Homeowner association dues, back taxes due
  • Potential conflicts of interest, dual agency litigation
  • Self-dealing, agent as principal

Documentation .

  • Improper documents and forms
  • Unclear or inappropriate legal language
  • Filing deadlines, timing issues

Due diligence, standard of care.

  • Failure to perform services
  • Duty to notify
  • Unclear title
  • Mortgage issues
  • Lease agreements
  • Trust accounts
  • NAR Code of Ethics violations
  • Improper supervision of agent

His Professional Credentials Speak of Credibility and Integrity

As a real estate lawyer, Mr. Jacobson’s professional credentials in the residential real estate industry include service as Vice President of Legal Affairs for the California Association of Realtors, adjunct professor of law in the area of real estate secured transactions and administrative law, extensive lectures on commercial real estate matters, and teaching commercial real estate law at the USC Broker Development Program and Graduate Realtors Institute of the California Association of Realtors. He is also the author of numerous professional articles covering a full range of topics on commercial real estate law and is the recipient of the 2011 “Spirt of CEB” award for his contributions to the California Continuing Education of the Bar.

From offices in Beverly Hills, Lawrence H. Jacobson provides expert testimony and legal representation for clients throughout Southern California and the United States. Wherever you are, call the firm toll free at .

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