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If you are representing a plaintiff or defendant in an attorney negligence litigation or arbitration matter, you are probably discovering that standards regarding standard of care and duty to perform can be murky. Investigating the issues requires a clear understanding of legal precedents and judge’s rulings. If you are not thoroughly familiar with attorney malpractice litigation, you can benefit from advice and testimony of an expert witness.

45 Years as a Practicing Attorney · Pre-Eminent Attorney Malpractice Expert Witness

Mr. Jacobson testifies on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants in a wide range of legal malpractice matters, including cases involving business acquisitions, buy-sell agreements, real estate transactions, real estate development finance, residential and commercial leases, corporate finance, and mergers and acquisitions.

In over 40 years of practice, Mr. Jacobson has developed an extensive knowledge of the standards of care that apply to attorneys and the practice of law, particularly in real estate matters. As an expert witness, Mr. Jacobson has testified in California legal malpractice matters that include:

General lawyer negligence

Negligent preparation or interpretation of contracts

  • Inclusion of incorrect or improper language
  • Omission of essential contract language
  • Using language that lacks adequate specificity
  • Misinterpretation or failure to explain contractual documents
  • Inadequacy of drafting
  • Ethics
  • Failure to negotiate attorney – client relationship
  • Wrongful advice

Negligent research or interpretation of the law

  • Using wrong law or opinion in legal arguments
  • Negligent advice and preparation of loan documents and partnership/LLC operation agreements
  • Negligent advice regarding attendance by lawyer at closing and negligent drafting of purchase agreement regarding financial statements
  • Negligent advice, lack of due diligence and conflict of interest regarding redemption of stock in closely held corporation
  • Failure to plead mutual mistake as defense to settlement agreement and failure to argue no compliance with Civil Code §1542
  • Negligent advice regarding notice to perform
  • Negligent advice to borrowers concerning foreclosure of residence
  • Failure to advise client of deadlines in bond offering
  • Failure to advise client of pending legislation
  • Failure to comply with securities law
  • Failure to comply with insurance coverage
  • Standards real estate form agreements

Failure to Follow or Recognize Changes in the Law

A frequent area of legal malpractice is the failure to follow developments and changes in the law. There have been significant development in the laws and regulations concerning loan modifications and foreclosure consulting. These areas are ripe for real estate broker malpractice, because of improper advice. Mr. Jacobson is well-versed in all areas of foreclosure and modification litigation.

As an expert witness, Mr. Jacobson is prepared to testify, for plaintiffs or defendants, on any matter related to the minimum standards of care and due diligence required of an attorney.

Fee Disputes

Mr. Jacobson is qualified and has testified in attorney fee disputes.


Another frequent area of malpractice is the failure of an attorney to adequately advise a party in a business transaction that he is not acting as their attorney.  Mr. Jacobson has testified in this area on several occasions, including a multi-million dollar recovery against a national law firm as the result of conflicts of interest.

Experienced California Legal Malpractice Expert Witness

Mr. Jacobson is a published author and a frequent speaker on trial law. He has served as an expert witness for litigation attorneys nationwide and continues to practice law in the areas of real estate and business transactions and litigation. His clients include many of the most influential individuals and businesses in Southern California.

From offices in Beverly Hills, Lawrence H. Jacobson provides expert testimony and legal representation for clients throughout Southern California and the United States. Wherever you are, call the firm toll free at

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