Expert Witness for California Real Estate Documents

Los Angeles Consultant for Real Estate Transactions Litigation

Litigation and arbitration matters relating to real estate transactions often hinge on the interpretation of standard real estate forms and documents. Attorneys representing plaintiffs or defense clients in real estate disputes must have the capacity to clarify the complexities of documents and forms that are standard in every legal real estate transaction. Understanding the history, evolution, language and purpose of the forms in a clearly presented case is critical when arguing before a judge and jury unfamiliar with the real estate industry.

Beverly Hills, California, real estate lawyer Lawrence H. Jacobson has been practicing in the area of real estate transactional law and litigation in the Los Angeles region for more than 40 years. He is recognized as one of Southern California’s leading expert witnesses in the field of residential and commercial property transactions and has served as pretrial advisor on cases nationally.

Expertise in a Full Range of Real Estate Documentation and Interpretation Issues

Lawrence H. Jacobson has extensive experience in custom and usage; interpretation of real estate industry forms and documents, including CAR and AIR form agreements; and matters related to purchase, lease, finance, due diligence and NAR Code of Ethics. He provides expert testimony and pretrial consultation in all real estate litigation matters, including:

  • Interpretation of language in CAR forms and documentation
  • Compliance with permits
  • Interpretation of CAM provisions
  • Reasonableness of landlord’s refusal to consent to assignment
  • Interpretation of CAR Residential Purchase Agreement regarding right to cancel
  • Interpretation of CAR Notice to Perform
  • Interpretation and appropriate language for legal briefs
  • Agents duties in real estate transactions
  • Conflicts of licensing law in interstate transactions

Mr. Jacobson’s Credentials Give Your Case the Advantage of Credibility and Clarity

He has earned national recognition for his expertise in the area of real estate litigation matters, as well. He is regularly called upon as an expert witness to provide expert testimony in litigation and arbitration cases throughout Southern California and has worked on significant cases across the United States. With more than 40 years of experience as a practicing real estate law attorney and more than 30 years as an expert witness, he has achieved an impressive record of results. His success rate is a function of his extensive experience and effective techniques.

Expert Witness for California Real Estate Documents

With his experience as an expert witness, attorney and litigation consultant, Mr. Jacobson has extensive knowledge of a broad range of real estate transactions, documents and interpretations of rulings. He is a former Vice President-Legal Affairs of the California Association of Realtors (CAR). Mr. Jacobson is the former president of the Association of Real Estate Attorneys and President of the Beverly Hills Bar Association (2011), a member of its Executive Committee and former Chairman of its Real Estate Committee. Learn more about his professional credentials at his Curriculum Vitae and Attorney Profile pages.

From offices in Beverly Hills, Lawrence H. Jacobson provides expert testimony and legal representation for clients throughout Southern California and the United States. Wherever you are, call the firm toll free at

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