Expert Witness for Broker Malpractice

California Mortgage and Business Brokerage Expert Testimony

Litigation matters involving mortgage banking and business sales, mergers and acquisition, and success planning generally include complex financial arrangements involving multiple investors and property transfers. Obtaining a favorable ruling in a trial or arbitration often comes down to which side is able to provide persuasive evidence that is presented clearly and within the parameters of legal precedents.

Attorney Lawrence H. Jacobson, in Beverly Hills, California, has an impressive record of success as an expert witness in matters related to mortgage and business litigation and brokerage malpractice. Mr. Jacobson has provided expert witness testimony throughout the Los Angeles region and Southern California. He has often been called on to serve in the role of litigation advisor and consultant in mortgage and business brokerage litigation matters nationwide.

As a practicing real estate and business law attorney for more than 40 years, Mr. Jacobson has earned professional recognition for his knowledge, foresight and experience. His colleagues have recognized him by electing him president of the Beverly Hills Bar Association, 2011. He is the former Vice-President Legal Affairs of the California Association of Realtors (CAR) and is a former president of the Association of Real Estate Attorneys. In addition, he has published many articles on the use of an expert witness in real estate mortgage and business litigation, including ” The Expert Witness in Real Estate Litigation – A User’s Guide.”

Contact the Law Offices of Lawrence H. Jacobson to arrange a consultation with Mr. Jacobson about your testimony or consultation needs in any area of mortgage or business brokerage litigation, including:

  • Fiduciary responsibilities, due diligence
  • Failure to supervise field agents
  • Self-dealing, conflict of interest
  • Recommendation of a third-party provider
  • Criminal charges defense, imputed knowledge of fraud

Expert Testimony and Consultant Services Based on Real-World Trial Experience

Having rendered numerous opinions as an expert witness, Mr. Jacobson carefully selects the cases for which he provides testimony. The selection process begins with a thorough review of the case, a conflict of interest analysis and a real-world assessment based upon years of experience handling real estate transactions.

As a consultant, California mortgage and business brokerage lawyer Lawrence Jacobson provides information and insight to litigators who might not have a strong background in real estate law, advice regarding the common pitfalls in commercial mortgages and business brokerage cases, including hypothetical scenarios and insights on how to effectively frame issues at trial.

From offices in Beverly Hills, Lawrence H. Jacobson provides expert testimony and legal representation for clients throughout Southern California and the United States. Wherever you are, call the firm toll free at .

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