Lawrence H. Jacobson
Attorney at Law · Expert Witness · Litigation Consultant

The following are a sampling of testimonials by attorneys who have retained Lawrence H. Jacobson as an expert witness:

“Mr. Jacobson’s expert testimony on the subject of the escrow company’s negligence was effective and instrumental in convincing the other side that the case should be settled.”

Arthur Fields, Attorney at Law
Sherman Oaks, California

“I just wanted to thank you for the role that you played in our recent victory. Your “standard of care” testimony was a critical part of the trial and I am so grateful for all of your efforts. I look forward to working with you again and I wish you nothing but success.”

David Z. Ribakoff, Partner
Enenstein & Ribakoff, APC
Santa Monica, CA
Sabadia v. Holland & Knight
34.5 Million
Daily Journal Top Verdicts of 2012
Verdict Search, Featured Verdict: Sabadia v. Holland & Knight, 34.5 Million


I just want to add a few comments regarding the Statement of Decision and your expert witness testimony at the arbitration.

Without your work and testimony I doubt if we could have achieved the results as outlined in the Statement of Decision. As you know over 47 Causes of Action were alleged against the broker, the salesperson, and her husband involving the 88 unit apartment building. My clients were being sued for in excess of $10.3 million. The Second Amended Complaint alone was 235 pages. We prevailed on all causes of action and were awarded all costs and attorney’s fees. I will let you know what the final decision is regarding the costs and attorney’s fees, but I anticipate we will be receiving an award of approximately $400,000.00.

Thanks again for your help.”

J. Scott Souders, P.C.
Newport Beach, CA

“Larry Jacobson did an outstanding job of digesting a large amount of material in a short amount of time, framing the key issues and articulating clear, persuasive and defensible opinions on them, and then presenting his testimony directly and giving no ground on cross-examination. He made an enormous contribution to the case, while at all times being extremely responsive and a pleasure to work with.”

Norman H. Levine, Attorney at Law
Greenberg Glusker Fields Claman & Machtinger LLP
Los Angeles, California

“I have designated Larry as an expert witness and consulted with him as a sounding board many times. His expertise, intelligence and demeanor make him the first person I call when I am evaluating a case or seeking a qualified opinion. Not only that, he is a pleasure to work with and incredibly responsive. I recommend him highly.”

Geofrey Gold, Attorney at Law
Rutter Hobbs and Davidoff, Inc.
Los Angeles, California

“We engaged Larry Jacobson in the middle of a trial after our original expert became unavailable (luckily there had been no demand for exchange of experts, allowing us to do a last-minute switch). We engaged Larry on a Monday, and on the following Thursday, he was on the stand testifying. It was truly impressive how quickly he was able to get up to speed. Larry was very adroit on the stand and withstood cross-examination well (despite not having had the benefit of being deposed). Larry was also scrupulous and fair with his billing. Larry really knows real estate transactions and I would hire him again in a heartbeat.”

Diane B. Sherman, Attorney at Law
Los Angeles, California

“I have had the opportunity to work with Larry Jacobson for several years on a number of cases. Larry is the first person I call for a reality check on the facts and to retain his services as an expert at the beginning of the case. Larry’s personal, first hand experience in the real estate industry along with his legal expertise is invaluable in resolving cases involving disputes between buyers, sellers and brokers. In every case I have retained Larry’s services, opposing counsel has figured out too late that we have retained the most effective expert. I am convinced that Larry’s credibility in the industry has been instrumental in settling every case for which I have retained his services.”

Karen Davis, Attorney at Law
Pasadena, California

“I retained Larry Jacobson for a seemingly complex case involving both a breach of partnership and legal malpractice aspects. He cut through the tons of irrelevant detail and got to the heart of the case without wasting our time. At trial, Larry was well prepared. Two long and complex weeks later, the jury came in with a verdict of over $1 million, including punitive damages. Several of the jurors commented that they’d want Larry on their side if they ever had a real estate, transactional or business problem.”

Howard A. Kapp, Attorney at Law
Los Angeles, California

“I found Mr. Jacobson’s background and extensive knowledge on real estate matters gave him great credibility as a witness. He presents an impressive appearance and delivers opinions in a disarming manner.”

Larry D. Mikelson, Attorney at Law
Torrance, California

“Larry Jacobson was extremely knowledgeable and presentable as an expert witness. He looks and sounds professional and so is his testimony.”

Julian Pollock, Attorney at Law
Los Angeles, California

“Lawrence Jacobson has an in depth knowledge of the standard of care for real estate brokers and agents. He also possesses a wealth of knowledge of the substantive law regarding real estate brokers and agents. He immediately grasped the issues in my case. He was very responsive to my needs. I highly recommend him.”

J. Ronald Ignatuk, Attorney at Law
Shulman Hodges & Bastian LLP
Foothill Ranch, California

“Larry is a pleasure to work with. He is knowledgeable, thorough and an excellent witness. His trial testimony helped lead to a favorable verdict in our legal malpractice case. The jury found Larry likable and credible. We highly recommend him and will use his services again if we ever have the opportunity.”

David Campbell Smith, Attorney at Law
Dana Milmeister, Attorney at Law
Smith & Grant LLP
Los Angeles, California

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