Role of the Expert Witness

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Successful trial lawyers for plaintiffs or defendants know that an expert witness in the field of real estate or the legal profession can provide detailed testimony that adds a new dimension and level of credibility to their case. In litigation and arbitration matters involving complex technical data and concepts, an expert witness can often clarify the details and help the attorney prepare and present a clear case, which might otherwise be over the head of a prospective jury.

General Definition of an Expert Witness

Generally, an expert witness is an individual with critical experience in a particular specialty or industry. Federal and state courts allow for the use of expert testimony in depositions, as well as personal presentations and questioning in front of a judge during discovery or jury in a trial.

In addition to providing testimony, an expert witness can act as a consultant to the attorney — clarifying facts and helping the lawyer understand how case precedent applies to that field of law. Clearly, an expert witness who can provide focused testimony, while also practicing in the specific field of law, gives the attorney an added benefit and advantage.

For a detailed analysis of the role of the expert witness in litigation, please read Mr. Jacobson’s article ” The Expert in Real Estate Litigation — A User’s Guide” published by the California Continuing Education of the Bar.

Using an Expert Witness as a Consultant, Early in the Case

Many trial attorneys turn to an expert witness only after discovering that their case has hit a dead end and lacks crucial evidence needed to sway a judge or jury. While investigating whether a case has merit to proceed to a lawsuit, it is a good idea to call in an expert witness to serve as a pre-case consultant. The expert with experience and knowledge in the industry, who is also experienced testifying as an expert witness in trial, will be able to inform the attorney whether the case has merit to proceed or whether previous case law will stop the matter in its tracks.

Attorney Lawrence Jacobson Goes Beyond the Role of the Expert Witness

While an expert witness cannot give legal opinions, Mr. Jacobson’s knowledge of the law makes him an invaluable consultant in pre-litigation planning.

Attorney Lawrence H. Jacobson, of Beverly Hills, California, has an unparalleled record as a California real estate expert witness and litigation consultant and advisor in matters related to the interpretation and construction of commercial and residential real estate documents. For more than two decades, he has successfully served as an expert witness in court trials and arbitrations throughout Los Angeles, primarily in Los Angeles County, Orange County and Ventura County. He also serves as a pre-litigation consultant, assisting counsel in better understanding and evaluating critical factors in a case and helping to structure trial strategy.

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At trial, credibility means everything. Mr. Jacobson has extensive experience in real estate matters, having represented clients in all types of real estate matters for more than 40 years. He is known throughout the Southern California legal community for his ability to translate complex and unclear legal standards and factual issues into a language that jurors can understand.

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