Important details to clarify in a commercial lease

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A commercial lease can be a good solution to space concerns for startups and growing businesses. Leasing business space is more accessible and expedient than purchasing it, and rental arrangements offer companies more flexibility than ownership.

That being said, the terms of a commercial lease can create many financial obligations for businesses. There are certain details that owners or executives need to review and potentially negotiate when establishing a commercial lease.

Unique issues may require consideration

In some regards, a commercial lease is very similar to a residential one. There is an arrangement to provide access to a space in return for a specific amount of rent. However, there are certain terms in commercial leases that are often different from residential leases.

The first major difference is the duration of the lease. It is quite common for a commercial lease to last between three and five years, possibly longer. That can be a major financial commitment for an organization that may or may not succeed at that location. Commercial landlords also tend to charge secondary fees for facility management, especially if there are shared spaces used by multiple tenants.

Finally, commercial leases sometimes make tenants responsible for maintenance and repairs. Landlords may pass financial and legal culpability for everything from building systems to lawn maintenance to tenants in a commercial lease. Reviewing the terms carefully can help protect a company from unintentional overextension.

Those preparing to negotiate a commercial lease need to clarify what responsibilities fall to the business tenant and may need to seek more favorable terms to limit the exposure for a company. Recognizing the potential complications that may be inspired by a commercial lease agreement may benefit those who are looking for space for business operations.


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