What are my obligations as a commercial property lessor?

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Commercial property leasing is an investment that requires thorough management and operation. And to ensure proper management, lessors need to understand their obligations fully. Otherwise, they might face complexities relating to the lease, which can also lead to a real estate lawsuit.

As a commercial landlord, you must uphold the following obligations to avoid possible legal complications in the long run.

Ensuring that the property is leasable

While the primary goal of leasing is to bring back capital investment and gain profit, the lessor must ensure that the lessee receives exactly what they pay for. This includes properly working fixtures and fittings, and safe premises.

The landlord has a duty to maintain the property, and if the property needs touching up, they must repair and replace what is necessary prior to the tenant’s move. This is especially applicable to properties that the lessor has leased to multiple tenants.

Observe state and local guidelines on leasing

The lessor must thoroughly research the local and state guidelines to ensure the lease transaction is valid and compliant with the law. Moreover, they must inform the tenant of the same to ensure they also adhere to the rules.

Furthermore, one of the important duties of the lessor is to meticulously check and complete the necessary real estate forms and documents. This also includes safety and other compliance permits.

Carrying out special agreements between the lessor and lessee

Normally, lessors and lessees agree on terms especially applicable to their transactions. Special agreements usually arise from unique considerations, such as the property’s condition or the nature of the tenant’s business. As with any other contract, the lessor must abide by and perform any obligations agreed upon in the lease contract.

You can protect your rights and interests by knowing your obligations as a lessor. If you are having difficulty understanding certain provisions of your contractual obligations or the language of leasing forms and documentation, you may seek legal help to ensure you are transacting within the bounds of the law.

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