Cutting costs in your new business 

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You took the plunge some time ago and started your new business. So far, it’s going well but there is still plenty of room for improvement. 

Something you’re aiming to do is cut down on your costs. Which areas might be best to start with? 

Where are you based? 

When first starting out, you signed up for a commercial lease for a large office block. As this was your first venture, you weren’t quite sure of just how much space you’d need. It turns out that the place you are currently in is far too big. It might be worth taking a look at when the lease can be concluded so that you can find a smaller and more efficient business headquarters. 

Utilize technology 

There are still many companies who send paper invoices and other printed documents when they really don’t need to. Why not go paperless? This could actually cut your costs down significantly. Not to mention that you’re doing your bit for the planet, which has the added benefit of marketing your business as a green company.

Your wage bill is another significant cost. You need to strike a balance between paying staff a fair sum of money and not depleting your budget too much. Are there some tasks that can be carried out by technology rather than people? Not only could this save you time and money, but it could also mean that your staff spends their time in areas that are more valuable for the company. 

There is a legal aspect to all of these cost-cutting suggestions. This means that you are probably going to need some guidance as you decide what to do next


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