2 things to consider when naming someone to execute your estate

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Finding the right person to execute your estate is not always easy, as you generally have no idea when that time will come.

If you know you only have months to live, there are fewer uncertainties to consider. Otherwise, you just need to make the best guess you can. Trustworthiness and organization are vital, but what else?

Their age and health relative to yours

Naming your sickly great-grandad is unlikely to work, as they will probably die long before you. Yet, if you go too far the other way and choose your child who is currently in nappies, there is the risk they are not old enough to legally fill the role if you die before they turn 18 years of age.

Their other responsibilities

Let’s say you name your little sister, who is still living the carefree life of a student. If she fulfills her promise and goes on to become CEO of a multinational or head of a charity based in Africa, she may struggle to fulfill the role because she is too busy or too far away.

As you go through life, you can update your chosen executor as you gain new information about them. The crucial thing is to ensure there are no unnecessary delays at probate because your executor passed away and you forgot to update things. In that case, a court will choose someone to replace them. Naming a backup choice is one way to reduce that risk.

Getting help to keep your executor nomination and entire estate plan up to date will make life easier for everyone.

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