You can change your business structure as your company changes

| Apr 28, 2021 | Firm News |

The structure that you use for your business dictates everything from the taxes you pay to the company’s future development opportunities. The right structure can make it easier for you to conduct business while keeping your liabilities and costs low. 

People initially put a lot of thought into what form they want their company to take, then never revisit that decision regardless of what happens. Your business will inevitably change over the years, and you may need to change your company’s original structure to ensure your company’s profitability. 

No matter what form you chose when you started the business, you can always change your company to another, more appropriate structure as it grows and evolves. 

Why would you need to change your business structure? 

There are many reasons why you might want to change your business structure. You might have initially started the company on your own, but now want to take on a partner. Your business might have also experienced tremendous growth. You may no longer feel comfortable assuming all of the risks for the business because your personal resources cannot possibly offset the liability you have from running the company. 

Although it typically requires a bit of paperwork, changing your business type when you have already established the company can be beneficial for you and others who might like to invest in or work for the company. The right business structure can change everything from your personal liabilities to taxes that you pay. 

Evaluating the best format for your company and the most straightforward way to make changes to its structure may require guidance. Advice on this crucial topic could help you maximize the protections and benefits you receive from changes to your company’s legal structure.